Month: May 2012

Boston Living

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In many ways I feel that the city of Boston has brought out the best in me. When I first moved here as an 18 year old college freshman in 2008, I arrived wide eyed and astonished at all the hubbub of the great Hub. For most of my life, I lived in a small, rural Connecticut town. In this town, we had one public school system, with one building for the elementary school, one […]

Eric Schmidt’s Boston University Commencement Speech and Thoughts on Technology

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Post Grad Life / Tech

This year I graduated from Boston University. Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, (photo courtesy of was our commencement speaker. He gave an amazing speech. One of my favorite lines is when he said, “All of these connections that you forge — the digital ties that bind our humanity together — that’s not possible without technology. But it’s also not possible without you, without a heart.” After four years of writing papers and taking […]