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In many ways I feel that the city of Boston has brought out the best in me. When I first moved here as an 18 year old college freshman in 2008, I arrived wide eyed and astonished at all the hubbub of the great Hub. For most of my life, I lived in a small, rural Connecticut town. In this town, we had one public school system, with one building for the elementary school, one for the middle school, and one for high school. The arrival of a Dunkin Donuts several years ago was met with huge fanfare. Everywhere you look is green. From the center of town’s park, called the Green, to the masses of trees that surround us, my town is beautiful, but has very few things to do.

This Memorial Weekend, I made my way back home and, while I appreciate taking a short break from the excitement of Boston, I am reminded of how much of a Bostonian I have become. Still, the memories of this place will always be with me. I’m writing this post at my town’s library, where I spent many hours as a child. Here, I read Harry Potter and became the champion of the Oregon Trail. I attended nursery rhyme readings when I was a toddler and went to the Christmas Tree decorating event many times over the years. However, this town is clearly in my past, and Boston is my future.

I love the excitement that comes with living in the city, that feeling that anything could happen at any moment. I might run into an old friend, be invited to a potluck at the dog park, find an amazing sale, or witness a proposal in Copley Square. All of these moments happened to me recently, but are only a slice of what it is like to live here.

One of my favorite things about Boston is a recent development, the arrival of Food Trucks! My favorites so far are Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, where I once had a Duck confit and Brie grilled cheese sandwich. I haven’t seen it on the menu since though, so please bring it back! Recently, I tried the Scallion Pancake with fried egg from Mei Mei’s Street Kitchen. It had just the right combination of spice and salt, and the egg was cooked perfectly.

Boston also always amazes me with the sense of history that is always lingering. This past summer I worked as a Park Ranger with the Boston National Historical Park and was lucky to get the inside look on several important Boston landmarks. The Old North Church is a great place to visit, as it is the location of where the lanterns were lit to warn colonists that the British were coming. This was the night of Paul Revere’s famous night ride. However, other men should also be honored. In particular, a man named William Dawes also rode that night. The fact that he is less known is likely due to the fact that Longfellow’s retelling of that night focuses on Paul Revere.

There are many other things to love about Boston and I will continue to share my recommendations through this blog.

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