Month: July 2012

The Post Grad Life

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Post Grad Life

Seeing as my original goal of this blog was to write about life after college, it seems about time that I post something on that subject. In a way, the fact that my posts took a turn away from what I expected is much like my experience of life after college. Life as a post grad can be fun, overwhelming, exciting, and scary… but it’s anything except what you expected it would be. I think […]

Cleaning Your Room: A Guide for the Person Who Just Has Too Much To Do

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Ever since we were children, we have been told to do certain chores. Clean the dishes, pick up your things, make your bed. Many of us begrudgingly performed these repetitive chores without question. To me, these chores seemed to matter very little in comparison with things like school, extracurriculars and my friends. When I entered my freshman year of college, I rebelled against the little rules like making my bed. “What’s the point?” I used […]

The Writing Process

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Lately, I have found myself thinking of many ideas that I would love to blog about, only to find that I could not settle on any one thing in particular. Speaking with my friends and others who enjoy writing, I have realized that this is a common problem. Writing without focus often leads to writer’s block. Part of the reason that having so many ideas at a time can actually be an impediment to writing […]