What is your ideal self?

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When you imagine what your perfect life would be, what does it look like? Where would you work? What would you wear? Who would your friends be? 

I’ve always loved reading magazines and aspired to be the person who truly lives out the editor’s tips and tricks. I wanted to be that person who hosts parties, bakes key lime pies, and makes artisan cocktails. I wanted my closets to be pristine, filled with enough fashionable clothing to ensure I wouldn’t wear the same thing twice. 

All this imagining makes me feel good in the short term, but then leads to self-criticism when I fail to meet those high standards. While I liked the idea of being that perfect woman I imagined in my head, maintaining that ideal made no sense. 

So, I needed to rework what my ideal self would be. Since we’re all only human, I decided the word perfect should be banned from my vocabulary. My ideal self therefore would be purposely imperfect. With achievable goals, I could literally become my ideal self. Of course, there will always be days where nothing seems to go right. I know that I’ll get angry, cry, and become frustrated at times in the future. By being more realistic about these challenges, I think I can enjoy the person that I’ve become. 

What does my ideal self look like? 

 Well, she eats healthily, including vegetables and fruit. She goes to the gym regularly and also gets exercise by walking her dog. She wears clothes that match her unique style, and can combine high end and low end pieces for a great outfit. When she gets upset, she can take a few breaths and start to feel better. When someone insults her, she realizes that the problem is with the other person. When someone hurts her, she forgives but won’t allow herself to be hurt again. People get a second chance and that’s it. Finally, she surrounds herself with people who love her, friends and family. 

What does your ideal self think and act? Please feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments section. 

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