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After a long hiatus, I’m back to blogging. I’m going to really push myself to be more active with posts. I’d like to make this blog into more of a lifestyle blog, where I can talk about a variety of things.

You can look forward to posts about the following:

Fashion and Beauty

Though I’m currently in a bit of a budget crunch, I will include finds that are both budget friendly and things that I may only ever dream about. Like $500 shoes. I think designer shoes are amazing, but I always wear through mine after only a year or two.

Recipes and Healthy Eating

I recently joined WeightWatchers and have been trying out some awesome recipes with my boyfriend. Admittedly, he currently does most of the cooking. I really act as more of a sous chef and help with the little tasks. However, I’d like to step it up and try to make some dishes on my own.


I have an iPhone6, which I love. However, I’m definitely interested in learning more about Android. I’m a huge productivity app fan so you will see frequent posts about those kinds of apps.


My lifestyle posts will include posts about the fun things that I do with my boyfriend, friends, and family. I do live in New Hampshire, close to the Boston area, so a lot of my posts will pertain to the local area.

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