Bucket List (In Honor of the New Year)

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Have you ever made a Bucket List? Some people call these lists Things to Do Before You Die, but I find that a bit morbid. Though I do believe that the term Bucket list also derived from the idea that those are things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” Whatever you’d like to call it, having a list of things you want to do someday allow you to dream, plan, and anticipate some of the greatest possibilities that life can hold for you.

My Bucket List is in constant flux. Most of the time, I’m adding new ideas. Though periodically I will look through my list and realize that some of the things I wanted to do in the past, simply don’t interest me anymore. Or, rather, I’ve come up with new ideas that are even more important to me. My favorite part is when I actually get to cross something off of my list when I complete an item.

I’d like to share a few items on my Bucket List, and would love to hear some of yours in the comments. 

  • Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner

I love attending plays, but Murder Mystery Dinners add a new dimension to the show by including you. I know that there are several in the Boston area, so this is something that I’m planning on doing in the next few months or so.

  • Create a home bar cart and learn to make cocktails

Holloway Bar Cart

These bar carts by Society Social are simply gorgeous, though a bit outside my price range. (The Holloway Bar Cart sells for $650).

  • Volunteer at an Animal Shelter
  • Learn to make my own cheese


What are some things that you want to do for 2015? Let me know in the comments!

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